Friday, August 24, 2007


What an ordeal!

Jadyn and Taryn have been bugging me for quite a while to buy powered toothbrushes. A few days ago I found some on sale and picked up 3 of them. The kids were super excited to finally get the chance to use them tonight.

That is until it was actually time to turn them on and USE them.

Taryn was first with her new Spongebob toothbrush. She tried it out for a few seconds and then started crying and telling us that she wanted her old toothbrush back. Brennan was next with his Lightning McQueen toothbrush. As soon as I turned it on and put it in him mouth he was SCREAMING. I don't think he cares for the sound. Back out in the living room he was telling me that I hurt his teeth. Jadyn was last with her Fiona toothbrush. She is the only one who likes her new toothbrush and gave us the thumbs up.

I guess I won't have to fork out the big bucks for the toothtunes toothbrushes anytime soon.

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