Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Drama Princess: Taryn Renee

Taryn would be more than happy to wear a skirt to school everyday. This would be great, but just not always possible. We usually buy the skirts that have shorts sewn into them. It makes it easier since they have gym everyday.

Yesterday the drama princess wore a skirt and was a happy girl. This morning is was time for shorts and you would have thought the Earth stopped rotating. Really! =) She was upset because Jadyn was wearing a skirt and she was wearing shorts. Then she was upset because she didn't look cute in the shorts. (I beg to differ) Then she told me she wasn't going to go to school today until she got to wear a skirt (which pretty much meant she was going to wear shorts.)

About 5 minutes before they were supposed to leave for school she decided to be happy and go afterall.

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Anonymous said...

Taryn sounds just like Lorelei! It's frustrating. Of course, Lorelei also wants her dresses to spin so that she can twirl and look pretty...which is not fun either!