Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm in love....

I found these skirts on Etsy today. I'm going to pair them with a black top and tights for each of the girls. I can even get one small enough for baby Ryanne.

Now to find something for Brennan.....


Snow can make the ugliest things pretty...make pretty things beautiful and be lots of fun for the kids.

I however don't like it at all! After the first snowfall it can all just disappear and forget to fall again. I hate driving on snowy/icy roads. I don't like being cold and having hypothyroidism makes it even worse. I don't like having to remember that everyone needs to take all the 'extras' to school and work in order to keep warm. I don't like all the extra clutter that the boots, jackets, snow pants, hats and mittens cause.

We're getting our first major snowfall today and I'm just about ready for some nice warmer springy type weather.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Super cute movie!
Our local movie theatre was having a customer appreciation weekend. Movie prices were $3 and you received a small popcorn and drink with every paid admission. We decided to take the kids and a couple of their friends after bowling this afternoon. It's not often that you can go to the movies, have popcorn and a drink all for $21.

Are We There Yet?

How many hours have we been driving? How many hours do we have left before we get there? How many miles have we driven? Are we there yet? How many more minutes mommy?

On our recent trip to visit grandma and grandpa the above is pretty much what we heard over and over again. Really...for the most part we've got a set of kids that do great in the car. Each of the kids usually brings something along to keep them busy and entertained for a little while. Of course there is always some point along the drive that the arguing starts over something petty.

We all enjoyed our visit over Thanksgiving. Jadyn and Taryn stayed the night with grandma and grandpa. The girls really enjoy themselves and love staying the night. I'm sure Brennan will be chomping at the bit soon to stay as well.


Jadyn and Taryn have both qualified into the next round of the Pepsi Bowling Tournament. They get to practice until the end of January where they'll bowl and see if they move on to yet another round. Should they do really really really well they could actually end up winning scholarship money.

Brennan is really enjoying bowling this year. He got a 96 and an 80 this morning. He's still a bit impatient when it comes to having to wait his turn, but he's doing better.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Look Who's 3 Months Old!

Ryanne Ella Claire

The last 3 months has flown by way too fast!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're heading down to Kolin's parents this morning. A little black Friday shopping is on my to-do list while we are down there.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Many Blessings

We have so many things to be thankful for this year. It's amazing how a year can change and shape everything around you.

We have added another sweet baby girl to our family. Ryanne fits into our family perfectly and I can't imagine our life without her.

"Lost" friends have been found again. I am incredibly thankful for that. Some are still lost, but I'm hopeful.

Brennan is off his seizure meds and his EEG was normal. We're hopeful that this time next year Taryn will be as well.

My little family has a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, family and friends who love us...

My only wish would be to have my grandma here with us. I talk to her all the time, but I would so love to be able to get a hug.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Neuro Appts Today!

Taryn, Brennan, Ryanne and I made it up to and back from Rockford in no time flat this morning. I wasn't really in the mood for shopping. I know...I'm thinking something might be wrong with me as I'm sure I could have found SOMETHING I needed at Target.

Brennan weighs in at 40lbs and is 3 feet 7 inches. Taryn is now 39lbs and 3 feet 11 inches.

EVERTHING came out normal for Brennan. He's been fine and had no problems without his meds. His EEG was completely normal. Should we notice anything of concern we are to give them a call, but assuming nothing will Mr. B is done done done done done!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Taryn is doing well too. She hasn't had a seizure in 14 months. We've got 10 months to go before we can even think about weaning her and then we've got to try and figure out the whole 'hair thing' with her. We talked a little more about it this morning, but we're still stumped. We think it just might be a Taryn tick and we're hoping at some point she'll outgrow it. She doesn't need to go back until the end of March.

All in all it was a pretty good morning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Neuro appt tomorrow morning!

Brennan and Taryn both have appts. with the neuro bright and early tomorrow morning. Wish us luck that everything goes well and Brennan's EEG is completely normal.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Karis...Turkey Head

Mama, Mocco Likes Me.....

For the longest time Karis would scream at Morocco to get away when he would come near her. He just wanted to cuddle. Well, her attitude has recently changed and now all I hear is....

"Mama, Mocco likes me"
"Come here Mocco, come sit with me"
"Mama, look! He likes me!"

Even more recently I find them like this......

25 Things About Brennan James Wayne

1. My favorite food is pizza
2. My favorite color is red
3. My favorite toys are my cars
4. I like to color
5. I don't really like to do crafts at school
6. I like to sing
7. I bowl on Saturday mornings
8. I wore my dad's Robin costume for Halloween
9. I sleep with 2 "wags" every night and chew on their tails. (they are disgusting!)
10. I can out box my sisters on the wii
11. I love to hold my baby sister Ryanne
12. I have my own box of action figures just like my dad
13. I am the only boy in my family.
14. I have 4 sisters (2 are older, 2 are younger)
15. I love to watch my dad mow the lawn and wish I could help him
16. I always take at least 2 toys to church every Sunday morning
17. I like cheeseburgers...with ketchup
18. I am no longer on seizure medication
19. I like watching Go Diego Go
20. I can spruce up any Christmas program just by being myself
21. I love American Gladiators!
22. I have 2 middle names. James is from a great uncle and Wayne is my daddy's middle name
23. My favorite movie is Cars
24. I just figured out how to zip up my jacket all by myself
25. Still working on buttoning my jeans

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Craft Show Tomorrow

I've gotten some pics of our items listed on my sorely neglected craft blog.

Wish us luck! What doesn't sell will be listed on etsy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

Twilight is tonight! All of us who are going are really excited.

A friend and I are doing a craft show on Sunday. We've been working our behinds off for the last couple of weeks to make sure we've got a little bit of everything made and ready to sell. We've already decided that starting next summer we'll devote at least 1 if not 2 weekends a month to just making crafty items for this show. (Hopefully we'll be able to stick to it)

Kids have bowling tomorrow morning and then I'll spend the rest of the day making the last of the items we need for Sunday morning.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tying Shoes

With just a little frustration on her part because she was tired of people not tying her shoes for her, Taryn has finally got the hang of it. I knew she could do it, the problem was that she didn't want to do it.

She has now decided that she'll keep her tie shoes and she doesn't need a new pair of shoes afterall.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few of my favorite things....

Hot Chocolate


2003 Ford Expedition




XM Radio

Candy Necklace Bink Link


Kitchenaid Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer


Digital Canon Rebel XTi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fisher-Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing (it plugs in!!!!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Woven Traditions® 9" x 13" Baking Dish ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The Twilight Saga

"I'm Stinky" Said Karis

Definitely not a phrase I am going to miss once she's potty trained. Speaking of going on the potty, she's been waking up dry more often than not. Now if we could just get her to go that first time. I think, like the others, once she actually goes that first time it'll all sink in and she'll be good to go for the long haul.

Monday, November 17, 2008

She's getting bigger!

Can you see it too?

I know a little girl..

who doesn't really care for tummy time.

It's snowing...

Not the flurries that we've had on and off the last couple of days, but actually covering the ground snow. We're only supposed to get about an inch, but right now it's an inch too much.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Watch Out!

Brennan the Hulk

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Some friends and I are having a girls night out next Friday. We're all going to go out to dinner and then go see Twilight. All but 2 of us have read the book(s) and I'm sure that once the 2 see the movie that they'll be borrowing the books from those of us who have them.
If anyone else wants to tag along just let me know. =)

Friday, November 14, 2008

A little Snooze

The positions little ones can sleep in for long periods of time always amaze me.

Baby Giggles

Ryanne and I were talking this afternoon and she must have thought that something mommy said was quite funny because she giggled at me. I thought it was the sweetest sound. A little while later after she woke up from a nap we started talking again and I got another little giggle out of her. I wish I could record the sound. I want to be able to remember it exactly when she's older.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

25 Things About Taryn Renee

1. My favorite food is pizza
2. Green is my favorite color
3. High School Musical 2 is my current favorite movie
4. I have green eyes like my dad
5. I have lost 8 teeth
6. I think that bowling balls should be lighter than 6lbs
7. I like to read chapter books
8. I had/have the same Kindergarten and 2nd grade teacher as Jadyn
9. I don't like peanut butter
10. I like to watch old live action superhero shows with daddy
11. I love to play on the monkey bars at school
12. I have blisters on my hands to prove it
13. I love M&M's
14. I don't like to get my hair wet
15. I am a mini packrat
16. My mom has to buy me slim waisted jeans with adjustable waists
17. My favorite thing to do at school is go to art class
18. I love to wear jewelry
19. I'm a girly girl
20. I don't really like bread
21. I was my mommy's smallest baby at 7lbs 7oz
22. My birthday is July 31st
23. I like playing with my HSM dolls
24. I've been on seizure meds since I was 18 months old
25. I haven't had a seizure in 13 months......11 months to go

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flu Shots

The bunch of 4 got their flu shots this afternoon. Ryanne is too little, so she got reprieve this time. We wanted the flumist for them, but they ran out. Jadyn and Taryn went first and second. They handled it like pros. Brennan went kicking and screaming and Karis would have ran from the room had the door been open.

They all got suckers and stickers afterwards which totally made up for mommy and daddy being mean.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brennan's EEG

We were able to keep Mr. B up and going until 1:30am this morning. He woke up to go to the bathroom at 4:30am and Kolin kept him up while I slept a little bit longer. Right before 7 he and I headed out for our 20 minute drive to the hospital to have his EEG done.

He was doing really well until we got into our room. Then he decided to hang on for dear life! We had a quick chat, I told him it was alright to cry. We kept talking about laying down, putting the electrodes on his head, sleeping for just a quick bit and then we were out of there....NEVER TO COME BACK! I certainly hope I can keep that promise to him.

Brennan was sooooo tired!

Getting ready to get cleaned up!

My happy boy is back!

Thank You!

To all the men and women who fight and have fought for our country.

Thank You!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A family of readers

I LOVE to read. Always have and always will. I'm actually one of those people who get cranky if they aren't able to open up a book and escape for a little while. There is nothing like adding your own imagination to words in a book.

Jadyn and Taryn really like to read as well. Jadyn more so, but Taryn is reading more and more for enjoyment rather than 'having' to for school. Brennan and Karis are always 'reading' and making up their own stories to the books they pick up to check out the pictures.

I love knowing that all of us enjoy opening up a good book.

25 Things About Jadyn Ashli

1. I'm the only one in my family with blonde hair
2. I have blue eyes
3. I wear glasses
4. I love nachos
5. My favorite color is light purple
6. I don't really like soda
7. I love to read
8. My favorite subject is science
9. I like reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race
10. I have a metallic pink Nintendo DS
11. I am practicing at school to run 1 mile
12. My mom and dad say I'll need a math tutor
13. I never used a pacifier
14. I have my own unique sound singing to Rock Band
15. I'm the oldest of 5
16. I walked at 9 1/2 months
17. I was 9lbs 6oz at birth (My mom's biggest baby)
18. I was 11 days late (My mom didn't think I was ever coming out!)
19. I love to sleep
20. I love sauceless pizza
21. I like polly pockets
22. I liked the Wiggles when I was younger
23. I really like HSM 3
24. I like to swim
25. I like strange movies like my dad

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh how they grow!

We spent the weekend visiting friends in Dubuque. With our bunch of 5 and their bunch of 4 it can be quite the fun, loud and entertaining experience. I wish we lived closer, but the visits we do get in are ones we quite enjoy.

We've got 9....9 and under. 9, 7, 7, 5, 4, 2, 2 (both girls will be 3 in just a few short weeks), 5 months and 2 months

Here are our little ones in February 2006...minus the 2 new baby girls we both have.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Have a great weekend!

We're getting ready to go see friends for the weekend. They've got 4 and we've got the 5 so we'll definitely be outnumbered, but we'll all have fun!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Inner Workings of WalMart

Brennan's class went on a field trip to walmart this morning. It was actually quite fun for the kids and the adults. We got to see a little bit of everything. Brennan and Karis even got their own name badges.

Ryanne decided to do a number on me while we were there. Once we got to the back room I started to change her only to realize she out a blow out. I didn't even know where to start. Needless to say the cute onesie she was wearing under her outfit was thrown in the trash. I had to go grab an outfit off the rack so she'd have something to wear. It was quite comical, but nothing I want to have to deal with on a recurrent basis.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Brennan said goodbye

to his seizure meds last night. Hopefully forever!!! **our fingers are crossed** He has his EEG next week and then a follow-up appointment soon after. If all goes well (as we believe it will) it'll be Mr. B's last visit.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It only took 2 weeks

I've been trying to get a picture of Ryanne smiling for a while now. Kolin came home from work and started talking to her and look what happens....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

50 Things About Kolin

1. I love Monical's Pizza
2. I was raised on a farm
3. My first set of stitches was from a bean walking incident
4. I love WWE Wrestling
5. My wife hates it
6. Despite what my wife thinks, cleaning the litter box really isn't that bad
7. My first vehicle I bought myself was a Dodge Dakota
8. I miss my truck
9. It won't fit 5 kids, 2 cats, 1 wife without a camper top though. =)
10. The last time I was at an amusement park was 1993
11. My son NEVER hit me with his targeting device while changing a diaper
12. I can clean up poop and vomit without a problem
13. However, I can't stand wiggly teeth and don't even ask me to pull a tooth out
14. We own 2 video game systems and I rarely play
15. I used to kick my wife's ass at word games
16. I like Garcia's pizza too
17. Orange and Blue blood run through my veins
18. I-L-L I-N-I Bring back the chief!
19. I like chocolate
20. I haven't had a mountain dew in just under a year
21. I need a Batman ringtone for my phone
22. I really like batman **this is an understatement**
23. I once bowled a 178
24. I have lived in 2 states
25. I have lived in 10 cities with 11 different addresses
26. In high school I was always the first one on the bus and the last one off
27. My favorite color is green
28. Applebee's was the first place Leslie and I went out to eat
29. I had ribs and she had chicken
30. Titanic was the first movie we saw together
31. I met all my wives online
32. I carry a bag of toys with me to work everyday and I don't know why
33. I went to West Virginia last June for a toy show
34. All my children have my blood type
35. I used to ride a quad and throw dirt in a sack
36. I was Mego of the day on Halloween.
37. I have fish in my office at work
38. I don't know how to check our voicemail at home
39. I don't know how to use the new washer and dryer
40. Leslie wanted a mini van last time we bought a vehicle, I talked her into an Expedition
41. She now wants something bigger. Go Figure!
42. I have 100's of CD's I no longer listen too
43. I listen to talk radio at work all day long
44. Just because Mego's wear clothes does NOT mean they are dolls. They are ACTION FIGURES!
45. I want to take the kids to a U of I sporting event when they are a little older
46. I take the girls to school every morning
47. I have a facebook account
48. I like to arrange furniture on a whim
49. Velvet (one of our cats) loves the smell of chocolate
50. I often wonder if I should worry since Leslie likes to watch Snapped

We've got a split household!

Jadyn and Taryn get to vote in school today and they aren't shy about letting you know who they are voting for. Jadyn has decided to vote for Obama and Taryn will be voting for McCain.

I've been continually asked who will I be voting for by both of them and that's one question I refuse to answer.

I hope those that can get out and vote today!

Monday, November 3, 2008

50 Things About Leslie

1. I turned 30 in March
2. I have been married for 10 years
3. I recently gave birth to baby #5
4. I have 4 daughters and 1 son
5. I have lived in 4 states
6. I have lived in 2 countries
7. I graduated high school in British Columbia
8. I own a Canon Rebel xti
9. I'd love to take a photography class
10. I love using baby wipes, they will clean up anything.
11. I drive an Expedition and want something bigger
12. I always wished for a red headed baby..didn't get one.
13. My favorite color is blue
14. My favorite number is 7
15. I have 2 tattoos and would like at least 1 more, possibly 2
16. I love to scrapbook
17. I love to make different crafts that pictures can be added too.
18. I've never finished a scrapbook album
19. I've never broken any bones *knock on wood*
20. I've had multiple surgeries for wierd stuff
21. I detest spiders!
22. I love to fly in airplanes
23. I run a parenting message board
24. Sweets are a weakness for me, I hate having them in the house
25. I live in the midwest and hate the snow after the first snowfall
26. I would love to move closer to my family
27. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read!
28. I'm a HUGE Twilight fan
29. I recycle as much as I can
30. My favorite movie is Grease
31. I wish there was a laundry fairy that folded and put all the clothes away
32. I love McDonald's sweet tea, but limit myself to it
33. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger, I now know I probably don't have the patience
34. I wish I was more organized
35. I failed my driving test 3 times before getting my license
36. I tend to procrastinate
37. I love taking my kids to the zoo and aquarium
38. I don't drink coffee, never have
39. I have naturally curly hair and hate it. It's usually pulled up in a pony tail
40. I hate touching raw meat
41. We have 2 cats that are 10 years old
42. My husband cleans the litter box and I'd like to keep it that way
43. I really like looking up baby names and seeing what people are naming their children
44. I love play word games
45. I've got a facebook accout..if you don't have one, you should get one
46. I love watching Disney movies with the kids
47. I'm always searching for a great deal on stuff we normally use
48. We took the kids to see High School Musical 3 on Saturday. I don't know who was more or the older girls
49. I don't smoke, never have and never will
50. I wish we have a dish fairy as well that would wash, dry and put away the dishes

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You know those moments

when one or more of the little people are pushing your buttons and you've just about had it? That's usually when I tell the little people that they aren't being cute.

Me: You're not being cute...

Karis: (In the cutest voice ever) Yes, I am!

It makes me smile and laugh almost every time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

High School Musical 3

We went and saw HSM 3 this afternoon. We all really enjoyed ourselves and all of us have favorites parts. I loved the junkyard scene, while Kolin missed it taking Mr. B to the bathroom for the 2nd time. Ryanne slept through the entire movie.
Can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

I'll give it a try!

It's NaBloPoMo time!

It's National Blog Posting Month! Basically I'm just letting you know that I'll be posting a blog at least once a day during the month of November. Aren't you happy?

Let's see if I can keep it up with everything else that is going on.