Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Preschool for Brennan

Mr. B starts preschool the day after Labor Day. Yesterday was the open house where he could meet the teachers (who he already knows) and play a little while I picked up paperwork and dropped of his supplies.

It was a little scared to go. It didn't help that Jadyn told him I was going to take him and leave him there by himself. The look of fear on his face and him telling me he wasn't going wasn't fun. Needless to say there will be no more conversations of that type any time soon.

Once we got to the preschool Brennan did fine. He still wanted to know where Kolin and I were, but he had a great time meeting the other kids and playing. I think he'll do great and have a wonderful time once he gets into the swing of things.

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Anna said...

I am sure Mr. B will do great! I am hoping Nicholas will do ok too - we won't find out until his first day though!