Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8 Days & Counting

Jadyn & Taryn start school next Wednesday. Jadyn will be in 3rd grade and Taryn will be in 1st.

I became one of 'those' parents this year and specifically asked for a certain teacher for Taryn. While I was told that the teacher wasn't guaranteed, the school would do what they could to fullfill my request. I found out last night that she's got the teacher I asked for and I'm thrilled.

We'll find out who Jadyn's teacher is on Friday. She's super excited to find out. I don't think she really has a preference either way...which is nice. I really wouldn't want her to be upset because she didn't get who she wanted for a teacher.

I've just got a couple more things to buy before I can say that their supply lists are totally completed. We'll go clothes shopping once the weather cools down and they'll actually wear jeans, long sleeves shirts, etc.

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