Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dr. Appt Updates

Brennan is doing great. He weighs 34.9lbs and is 3'3". The idiots at the lab I had his bloodwork done at screwed up and tested his blood for a different type of medication instead of his. It turns out his glucose levels were up. Nothing alarming, but high. Also his liver test came back slightly elevated. In 2 weeks he'll go back in and have more bloodwork done. We'll be getting the correct med checked, fasting glucose and his liver.

Taryn is 34.9lbs (Yes, she and Brennan weigh the same) and is 3'8 1/4". Her bloodwork is fine, but we're now having problems brushing her hair again now that we have taken her off the 2nd med she was on. Trying to brush her hair and not cause seizure systems is NOT a fun task.
We've decided to put her back on the 2nd med at a smaller dose to see if we can get the head/hair thing under control. Taryn's glucose levels were really high though. The levels should be between 70-100 and hers was 144. She'll go back in 2 weeks as well and have her bloodwork done again. She'll have her meds checked since she's now going to be on 2 again and she'll have a fasting glucose done.

We're hoping that the glucose tests will come back normal on both kids. We are thinking that the glucose tests might have been high because they had recently finished eating their breakfast. If the tests are still high then we'll be referred to a Pediatric Endocrinologist.

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