Monday, October 27, 2008

Starring: Brennan The Boy Wonder

This costume is almost 30 years old. Kolin's grandma made it for him when he was 7. For your viewing enjoyment you'll find a picture of Kolin wearing the costume below.

Imagine my surprise when Kolin brought up letting Brennan wear it this Halloween. We made sure it fit him during our last trip to visit grandpa and grandma.

Saturday we took some pics of Brennan wearing the costume.

We must not forget Miss Karis who had to try the costume on as well.


Bug-N-Bee said...

That is too cute! How neat that Kolin's costume fits Brennan!!!

Rinner said...

Holy Hallucinations, Batman!

I wish it were, Robin, but it's not. That's 2 cute boy wonders...and 1 cute girl wonder!

...seriously though, so neat that Kolin passed it down to the kiddos!

Sabrina said...

How neat! Can't believe it's 30 yrs old! Wow!