Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spike the Brontosaurus

What more could a 4 1/2 year old little boy want then his own 2 foot Brontosaurus that would scare the crap out of his little sisters and cats?

He walks. He blinks. He growls. He roars. He's the ultra dinosaur! The dinosaur can walk forward, turn left and right, open its mouth, blink its eyes, stand up on its hind legs, and even throw a boulder. The neck on the dinosaur will rotate around similar to the neck on the mega t-rex, and when the dinosaur stands up, spikes down its back will light up.

We've already got ideas for Mr. B for Christmas, but more than likely (if we can find it) he just might get Spike for his birthday.


Jessica (a.k.a. Mom) said...


Rinner said...

Can you imagine what he would do if he saw that thing under the tree this year?! :P

Mar said...

That IS cool! I bet Ben would love it too!