Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ever been to an Elk Farm in the rain?

As of yesterday our answer would be a resounding "YES!"

What was supposed to be a fun filled day with a picnic for lunch turned into a 'let's just laugh about it wagon ride in the soaking rain' morning. We figured the rain wouldn't kill us or the kids. Lots of parents came along...even Kolin (who I'm sure wished he would have stayed at work.)

We all climbed onto a wagon with bench seats...we had garbage bags to sit on and umbrellas to cover us. (We put Ryanne in her wrap and she was a happy baby) In the middle of the field were two teepees. We all huddled into one of them and learned all about elk. It was actually pretty interesting and I wish we could have actually heard more than we did. Were were able to see the #2 ranked Bull Elk. His antlers were HUGE! We saw a couple of babies.

Kolin and I decided that we'll be going back for some pumpkins.....on a NON rainy day.

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Rinner said...

Sounds like you guys made what could have been a miserable, rainy day, a FUN one! =)