Thursday, January 15, 2009

No school

for the munchkins today. I honestly can't tell if they are excited or not. I have no doubt that Jadyn would have liked to go to school today whereas Taryn would have paid someone off to not have to go. =)

It's artic cold nasty out. Right now with the windchill we're at -36. The furnace is working overtime. Just as it shuts down I swear it's starts right back up again. It's took Kolin quite a while to warm up his van this morning so he could go into work. I'm sure Brennan is going to ask to outside to play at some point and I'm just going to laugh at him.

I just caught Taryn, Brennan and Karis sitting around one of the floor vents. It was cute...not fast enough getting my camera though.

The temps tonight and tomorrow morning are supposed to be even worse.

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