Friday, January 30, 2009

Jadyn's Young Authors Story

Every year Jadyn participates in the Young Authors competition at school. Jadyn's story is the following:

The curse of the unknown princess

By Jadyn

Once upon a time there was a graceful kingdom. The King and Queen recently had a beautiful baby girl. When the king and queen were just about to name the baby girl a dark shape popped up in the dining room. The shape was dark, evil, green and bad. It was the Pumpkin Scarecrow Witch!

The Pumpkin Scarecrow Witch wanted to give the baby girl a gift. She said, “Make this baby have the curse of having a dragon head at age 12. Hee! Hee! Hee!”

Up in the clouds there were fairies getting ready for the party. They heard the Pumpkin Scarecrow Witch “Hee! Hee!” and quickly came to the castle. When they got there they discovered that the Pumpkin Scarecrow Witch had disappeared.

The King and Queen asked the fairies to take the curse away. The fairies weren’t able to do that. Out of no where the Fairy Queen and some of her children arrived at the castle. The Fairy Queen asked, “May my children and I give the baby her gifts?” “Not yet” said the Queen. “I want to tell the kingdom her name before you present her with gifts.” The fairy Queen and her babies gathered around. Then the Queen said, “I’m going to name my baby Kayla Ashli Rhodes.”

The Fairy Queen and her children began to twirl their wands and cast a spell for baby Kayla. The Fairy Queen said “Kayla shall fall into a great sleep at age 16. She shall sleep until her prince arrives to give her a kiss to awaken her and they shall fall in love and be together forever.” More fairies soon arrived and granted baby Kayla their gifts of beauty, grace, song, & dance.

As Kayla got older she went to school to learn how to rule the kingdom and other such royal things. On the playground she was really good at crossing the monkey bars. Kayla often played on the playground with her friends Autumn, Bree, Ally, Megan, and Jordan. They did all sorts of things together.

One day on the playground Kayla brought her fairy toys out to play with her friends. Kim, the royal bully, said, “Can I play with you?” Kayla would sometimes have no problem playing with Kim, but this time told her “No”. Kim asked “Why not?” Kayla said, “The toys had cost a lot of money and that she didn’t want the heads popped off her dolls like she had done to her friends dolls.” “Fine,” said Kim. “Then I’ll just take them away from you and hide them where you can’t find them.” “NOOOOOOO!” cried Kayla.

Kayla quickly told her teacher what had happened and Kim had to call her parents and was forced to go to a learning class about how bullying is bad and that being nice is the best way to behave.

When Kayla turned 12 she began to develop her dragon head. School was awful because people started to laugh at her, but her friends never did.

When Kayla turned 16 she became very tired and fell into a great sleep. 2 years passed and then a prince from a nearby kingdom by the name of Brandon arrived and gave her a kiss. Kayla woke up and fell in love with Prince Brandon and they soon got married.

The End.


Sabrina said...

Wow. Looks great!

Rinner said...

Great story, Jadyn! So creative, I loved reading it...and I'll have to show it to Riley tomorrow. =)