Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Neuro Appts Today!

Taryn, Brennan, Ryanne and I made it up to and back from Rockford in no time flat this morning. I wasn't really in the mood for shopping. I know...I'm thinking something might be wrong with me as I'm sure I could have found SOMETHING I needed at Target.

Brennan weighs in at 40lbs and is 3 feet 7 inches. Taryn is now 39lbs and 3 feet 11 inches.

EVERTHING came out normal for Brennan. He's been fine and had no problems without his meds. His EEG was completely normal. Should we notice anything of concern we are to give them a call, but assuming nothing will Mr. B is done done done done done!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!

Taryn is doing well too. She hasn't had a seizure in 14 months. We've got 10 months to go before we can even think about weaning her and then we've got to try and figure out the whole 'hair thing' with her. We talked a little more about it this morning, but we're still stumped. We think it just might be a Taryn tick and we're hoping at some point she'll outgrow it. She doesn't need to go back until the end of March.

All in all it was a pretty good morning.

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Mar said...

That's great news all around!