Sunday, November 23, 2008

25 Things About Brennan James Wayne

1. My favorite food is pizza
2. My favorite color is red
3. My favorite toys are my cars
4. I like to color
5. I don't really like to do crafts at school
6. I like to sing
7. I bowl on Saturday mornings
8. I wore my dad's Robin costume for Halloween
9. I sleep with 2 "wags" every night and chew on their tails. (they are disgusting!)
10. I can out box my sisters on the wii
11. I love to hold my baby sister Ryanne
12. I have my own box of action figures just like my dad
13. I am the only boy in my family.
14. I have 4 sisters (2 are older, 2 are younger)
15. I love to watch my dad mow the lawn and wish I could help him
16. I always take at least 2 toys to church every Sunday morning
17. I like cheeseburgers...with ketchup
18. I am no longer on seizure medication
19. I like watching Go Diego Go
20. I can spruce up any Christmas program just by being myself
21. I love American Gladiators!
22. I have 2 middle names. James is from a great uncle and Wayne is my daddy's middle name
23. My favorite movie is Cars
24. I just figured out how to zip up my jacket all by myself
25. Still working on buttoning my jeans

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