Monday, November 10, 2008

A family of readers

I LOVE to read. Always have and always will. I'm actually one of those people who get cranky if they aren't able to open up a book and escape for a little while. There is nothing like adding your own imagination to words in a book.

Jadyn and Taryn really like to read as well. Jadyn more so, but Taryn is reading more and more for enjoyment rather than 'having' to for school. Brennan and Karis are always 'reading' and making up their own stories to the books they pick up to check out the pictures.

I love knowing that all of us enjoy opening up a good book.


Haley said...

Can you post your top 5 favorite books or what you are reading now? I am always looking for something different.

I firmly believe kids who read more do way better in school, it's such a good thing. Yah for your kids!:)

Leslie said...

Haley, I'll get you a list tomorrow. =)