Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ryanne's 4 month well baby

14lbs 8oz (75th%)
25.5" long (95%)
42cm head circ (90%)

I kept telling her that we could run away before the shots......

She ended up with 2 shots and cried like I haven't heard her cry before. She also had an oral vaccine as well. We talked about solids foods. (we won't be starting them anytime soon)

All in all our baby girl is doing great! She's getting some rolls and she's getting a little rashy from them and the extra drool. Drool will be a never ending factor for quite some time I'm sure. The dr. was surprised that she's got 2 teeth already, but I reminded her that all the kids had teeth by 4 months.

We don't go back until March...when she's 6 months old.

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Haley said...

What a great check up. It's hard with the shots. It's nice to see another Mom not pushing the solid foods. Ryanne is sure a sweet baby, great photos you posted of her a few days ago. Have a great New Years.