Monday, December 8, 2008

Long day...yesterday

After church and Sunday school Kolin headed up to Aurora to pick up a bunk bed set that was given to us. We figured that we might not need it now, but at some point Miss Ryanne is going to need somewhere to sleep.

I got in my head that we should take down Jadyn and Taryn individual beds and set up the bunk set thus giving them more room in their bedroom. While Kolin was gone picking up the beds, I dismantled the girls room and wanted to have it ready for him when he got home.

After finding out there were no instructions and I could find nothing online no matter where I looked.....we finally got the set together, 2 girls in bed and they are happy happy campers. It was totally worth it for the extra space they now have.

I did find a really neat site for Ikea fans..... I was able to find out what the name of the set was and get instructions for it. (all of course after the set was up...but that's not the point)

Jessica and George, thanks for thinking of us! Jadyn and Taryn love the set up!


Erin said...

I bet they love the new bunk beds and the extra room too! =)

Bug-N-Bee said...

YAY! You did get it together! I seriously had my doubts after realizing we could find the instructions on their site yesterday. So glad the girls are enjoying the extra space!