Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I know 4 kids that are getting super excited for Santa's arrival in just 2 short days. One little person could really care less as long as she gets a warm bottle and diapers changed. A cuddle here and there would be a great thing too.

I'd really like to put some presents under the tree, but I have little doubt that little fingers would go walking and I'm just not going to tempt them.

Jadyn is saying the children's prayer at the Christmas Eve service tomorrow night. She's been practicing and practicing. I think she's a little nervous, but she's done it before so I know she'll do great.

Ryanne has her first acting gig. She'll be playing baby Jesus and we can only hope that she'll cooperate for the short time she'll be needed.

The camera will be ready!

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