Friday, December 12, 2008

Only this little for today...

Karis and Brennan are taking a much needed nap. I'm running around the house picking up and baking a cake for a certain birthday girl tomorrow. Miss Ryanne decides that she'd like some cuddle time. What's a mom to do?

I walk over to Ryanne and get a huge super sweet baby smile that just melts my heart. I pick her up and tell her that she'll only be this little for today. We sit down in the recliner, throw her favorite blanket over us and she's out and dreaming of what only little wee ones dream of in 10 seconds flat.

Even though there are a million and one different things that need to be done, you've got to slow down and realize that they are only the age they are for one day. The next day they are one day older and doing new things they didn't do the day before. Soon enough Ryanne will be going on 3 like her big sister and won't want mommy cuddle time quite so often as she does now.

I know I'll miss this.

I already miss the newborn snuggles....

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