Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poor Chief!

I took Chief into the vet yesterday morning to get neutered. The little girls went with me. Karis figured he was getting a couple shots or something and would be coming home with us. (My fault for not telling her beforehand.) As soon as the tech picked Chief up and started walking in back with him Karis started SCREAMING!!!!!

"Give me my puppy back!!!!" Over and over and over again..... She did not want to leave and I pretty much had to drag her out while explaining that we'd be picking up her puppy bright and early the next morning. She pretty much preceded to scream at me the entire ride home.

This morning when we picked him up. The vet tech and I were going over all the care instructions etc. Karis kept trying to hand her Chief's collar and leash and asking her ever so nicely to please go get her puppy. =)

Chief was thrilled to see us....but a tad mopey. I'd be mopey too if I had this on my head.

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Erin said...

LOL...conehead does look a little mopey! So cute about Karis and her puppy!