Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's amazing to me

just how busy we get once the kids are all back in school. The summer was busy, but pretty low key. Since school started we've been on the run constantly. One needs to be dropped off, and the next and the next and then pick-ups begin. It's just nuts!

Jadyn is really enjoying cheerleading. She's already decided that she'll do it again next year. (She'll have to try out, but all of them usually make the squad at the 6th grade level.)

Taryn is keeping busy socializing and she's figured out how to skip bars on the monkey bars at school.

Brennan is loving kindergarten. He gets his clothes ready every night and can't wait to leave in the morning to start his day.

Karis started back to preschool last week. She enjoys going and once she gets the routine down again she'll be more comfortable. She loves our swings in the backyard and can get herself going pretty high with no help.

Ryanne is growing up way too fast. Not walking yet, which is just fine with me. She is taking a couple steps here and there along the couch. She's figured out the game of peek a boo and will play it with us for quite a while. She hides herself and pops back out with a huge smile for the one who is playing with her. .

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