Saturday, March 7, 2009

Long Week!

Ryanne had her well baby checkup and shots on Monday. Soon after I realized she didn't have 2 of her top teeth coming in, it was actually 4. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she was pretty miserable. Yesterday she started to perk up a little bit. Today one of her eyes is a little puffy and it looks like her cold has moved into her eye. Through it all though we have some good periods and a really happy baby. Other times though she's got the saddest cry EVER!

Jadyn and Taryn had dentist appts on Monday afternoon. No cavities and they are both doing great. Jadyn got another referral to see an orthodontist. She still has a few baby teeth to loose so we're not hopping on that one yet.

The girls got new bowling balls this week. Bowling this morning was a little hit and a little miss. (It takes a little while to get used to a new ball) The 6lb ball is still a little heavy for Taryn, but it's the smallest size they come in, so she's stuck. If she could get her hands on a 4 or 5lb ball though she'd be thrilled.

Brennan and Karis have been keeping me busy with preschool. We are there everyday and sometimes mommy has to stay to get extra stuff done that she's working on. I am helping to plan a fun fair, dinner and silent auction for the end of March. I'm overwhelmed, but we're hoping it will be a great success.

Kolin is getting ready for his busy season at work to kick in. I'm dreading it, but that's nothing new in our house.

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