Friday, September 12, 2008

The National Marrow Donor Program

is offering free registration.

Kolin and I sent for our kit a little over a year ago. It was super simple to do and didn't cost us anything, but a couple of seconds to swab our cheeks and remember to drop the envelopes in the mail.


The National Marrow Donor Program is offering free registration to cover the $52 cost of the bone marrow testing kit September 7-22. Details can be found on their website:

We encourage all families and friends to join the registry. For many patients, a bone marrow transplant is the only option for survival. The more people in the registry, the more people who will have a chance of survival from bone marrow failure or the many other diseases for which a bone marrow transplant may be the best option for treatment. You must be between 18 and 60. The test is a simple cheek swab sent to you and returned by mail. Even if you are not a match for your loved one, thousands of lives are saved each year through the NMDP.

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