Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It never fails...

School starting and a new baby in the house always means that someone is going to get sick.

Last week Karis had a nasty cough and nose. Just as we get rid of those she gets a fever yesterday. She and Kolin ended up sleeping in the living room last night and just might be doing the same thing tonight.

I took her to the dr this afternoon...ours was out for the day so had to see another. He checked for microplasma pneumonia and her cbc...both came out alright. If she's still go the fever tomorrow though they want to do a urinalysis.

More than anything I took her in because if she should have something nasty nasty I definitely wouldn't want Ryanne to catch it because she's so little. At the same time though there really isn't much that I can do except wash my hands 500 millions times during the day and keep the big kids away from the baby.

I'm hoping her fever will break tonight and we won't have to go back to the dr. tomorrow.

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