Sunday, August 17, 2008

School starts

in 3 days for Jadyn and Taryn.

This summer has just flown by for us. I think for the most part everything is ready. They found out who their teachers and classmates are Friday afternoon. I've got a couple of things that still need names written on them, but other than that we're set.

I'm sure the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy around here. It usually takes about a month for everyone to settle down and get into a good routine. Brennan will start school on 9/3 so we'll contend with that as well. Karis will continue going to her playgroup on Tuesday mornings. Once she ages out of the program we'll more than likely put her into the Tuesday/Thursday preschool class at Brennan's school. She needs the social interaction with other kids and adults to keep her going in the right direction.

Then of course we're adding a new baby girl into the mix.....

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