Tuesday, August 5, 2008

35 weeks 6 days

Same ole, same ole for the most part. Cervix is closed, but soft....at least the darn thing is doing something. Hopefully next week we'll have a little more progress in the right direction. Baby is head down which is a great thing..now if I could only get her to move out of her favorite place (my right side) and find somewhere else to snuggle.

I've had a decent amount of swelling. My blood pressure is great so the heat and humidity are completely to blame. Not much I can do expect drink even more water (feeling like a camel), keep my feet and hands elevated and stay indoors with the a/c on days when it's really hot out.

Not much longer and our little girl will be here...though at the moment it seems like the next 4 weeks is as long as 4 months.

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