Saturday, April 5, 2008

Perspective Baby Names...Kid Style

While Taryn and I were at the eye doctor she told me that she had the perfect names picked out. She said she wanted us to have 2 more girls and their names would be Hannah & Lily. I told her that I had no clue as to where she could have gotten those names (Hannah Montana.) She just shrugged her shoulders with a big smile on her face and told me she didn't know.

Brennan has decided that we are having 2 boys. (see a theme here?) Their names are going to be Lightning & Mater.

Needless to say I seriously doubt we're having twins and none of these names are being taken into consideration. =) It is neat to see what they come up with though.


Cassie said...

Kids are the best! And definitely the best at picking out names!! Hehehee! i love it!

Sooo....are you guys expecting twins?????? Or are the kids just 'wishing' for twins???


Mar said...

Lol! Taryn sounds like Madeline, I know she would be voting for Hannah and Lily!
And are you sure you don't like Lightening or Mator? Atleast you know there wouldn't be any others in their class:)

Leslie said...

No twins that I know of Cassie, but Brennan is positive that we're having 2 baby boys. I think he just wants to even up the odds around here.