Thursday, April 10, 2008

Feet & Ankles

Karis had another PT appt. this morning. She did really well after 10-15 minutes of throwing a tantrum because she didn't want to be there. Drama Queen any one???? She got upset with me because I took her socks off. Go Figure!

Anyway after checking out her feet/ankles it was deemed that they weren't any worse per say but they weren't any better either. The arches in her shoes are helping to keep everything aligned while she is in them and should be helping to strengthen her feet as well, but that's just not the case. We put her in a pair of dress shoes on Easter and her left ankle was really having a hard time being in the shoes. She should have been able to wear them without any problems, but that didn't happen.

We're going to stay away from another pair of Sure Steps. They would be complete overkill, but we are going to go with something else. We are going to order her a pair of inserts for her shoes that she can switch between almost any shoes she wants to wear. I'm not sure about sandals at this point, but we'll figure it out. They will be flexible enough that she shouldn't mind having them in her shoes, but will be able to help strengthen her ankles. We're looking at the Pollywog, Patti Bob or Jump Start Cricket inserts. (got to love the names!) Karis' PT is going to call the company and between the 2 of them they are going to decide on what the best set of inserts will be for our little munchkin.

With the inserts, we'll get a pair of shoes ordered for her as well. (Insurance and EI will pick up the cost of the inserts and shoes) The shoes will make the insertion of the inserts really simple...supposedly. :lol:

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