Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You've got to be kidding me!

I dropped Brennan off at preschool and one of the teachers told me she needed to talk to me. I knew it was about the chili dinner fundraiser that we wanted to have next month.

We got the ok from the church to have the chili dinner...BUT and there seems to always be a but. Should a funeral luncheon need to be held on the same day then we (the preschool) would be bumped out. Needless to say they are getting a thanks, but no thanks letter in response.

We have to spend some money to make money with this chili dinner. We'd have to pay for food, advertising, etc that we couldn't get donated. To pay all of it and then get bumped out of the kitchen for a good portion of the day would suck. That and we couldn't decorate until the funeral luncheon was finished and cleaned up after. It's just not feasible. There is just no way we could get everything completed and ready by 4:30 if a funeral luncheon was taking place in the area that we requested to have all day.

We're now working on plan #2 which isn't exciting at all.

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