Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bed Switcheroo

We spent most of Saturday cleaning the kids bedrooms and setting up new bed configurations. Brennan now has a low height loft and twin bed in his room. Brennan can climb up and down without a problem. Kolin and I love the fact that it isn't as tall as a regular bunk set would be.

Brennan's old bed is now Taryn's new bed. She's not too thrilled with the concept of giving up the trundle like I thought she would be. Yesterday she told us that she didn't want to 'sleep alone.' She now wants to sleep with Brennan...I think more because she thinks the twin bed underneath is somewhat connected (it's not) and she won't be 'alone.'

Tonight we're going to let her sleep in Brennan's room to see how the two of them do together. Hopefully they'll fall asleep sooner rather than later or they'll have to be seperated.

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