Monday, January 24, 2011

It's all about

South Dakota!

Taryn's first states project is due today. She has to do a presentation and tell her class about different interesting facts, along with the state bird, tree, capitol, insect, etc. We added pictures from our Spring Break trip.

She has a simple machines project due next week. She and Kolin need to invent a simple machine and then take it to school and show her class how it works. The week of the 7th she is the celebrity of the week and we have to do another poster board presentation. On Friday, the 11th she has to have a special speaker come in and talk about something...anything for 20-25 minutes. We haven't quite figured out who that will be, but we do have some ideas.

Either the middle or end of March her second states project is due. Taryn decided to do Oregon for that one. Once again we'll be able to add pictures from our trip and add a bunch of interesting facts. Who knows what else her teacher will come up with to add to the mix between now and then.

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Anna said...

If you need any extra shots from Oregon, let me know (I have a stockpile lol)!