Friday, July 24, 2009

Our first set of staples goes to.........

Taryn Renee!!!!!

Taryn and Brennan were playing outside. They came in and told me that the 4 year old neighbor boy had thrown rocks at them. Brennan got hit in the shoulder and was fine. Taryn told me that her head hurt and I started to check it out and immediately saw blood. All I kept thinking was why 'this' child and WHY her head????

I called Kolin and told him that I needed him to come home NOW! I then called the dr's office who told me I'd have to go to the ER because no one was in the office at that time to do stitches or staples.

She ended up with 2 staples. No crying or whining. She was a trooper! The dr. was great and told Taryn everything she was going to do and I think that really helped a lot.

The hardest part for me was that I had to go tell the parents what happened and I hadn't even met them yet. It pretty much went like this: "Hi, My name's Leslie, nice to meet you. Just wanted to let you know that Taryn is more than likely going to need stitches/staples in the back of her head due to Payton throwing a rock at her. " Thud.gif Thud.gif YIKES!

Payton came over and apologized once we got home and brought Taryn a few gifts. All in all it was all handled really well by all parties and I hope that the kids will continue and play.

(The rocks have since been picked up from recent landscaping.....)

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Sabrina said...

I can't imagine the awkwardness of telling the parents you've never even met! I'm glad he apologized though. I hope she is all healed up soon. Poor girl!