Tuesday, July 28, 2009

22 Months & Counting!

Taryn had her neuro check-up bright and early this morning. Weighing in at a whooping 39.3lbs and she's 4'1". She's grown almost an inch since our last visit. I think it's all in her legs. =)

We've got 2 more months to go to get to the 24 month seizure free mark. I flat out told the dr. that the thought of weaning Taryn off her meds frightens me hardcore. I can see myself and Kolin constantly in a stand still waiting to see if she's going to have a seizure without her meds.

We've decided to schedule a sleep deprived EEG (oh how I LOVE these)in October. If it comes back normal then we'll start the med weaning process. It should take about 7 weeks. After the weaning is complete she'll have another sleep deprived EEG and as long as it's normal were good to go.

We will have a fast acting anti-seizure med on us should she have a seizure once she's weaned. If the need arises and we need to use it we'll have it and then she'd be put back on her regular meds.

The dr. did tell me that at her age it's a great time to wean her. We don't have to worry about driver's ed and everything driving entails. We've got another 8 years before we have to worry about those types of things.

I'm so excited for Taryn...she's been on these meds since she was 18 months old. She usually is the one telling Kolin and I that she needs her meds, did we make sure to get them flavored?, etc. It'll be great to tell her she doesn't have to take them anymore.

My fingers are crossed that we can make it a few more months.......

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Mar said...

I'll be thinking about Taryn these last few months! Hope she stays seizure free!!