Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby it's cold outside..and inside too.

Crazy I tell ya! We woke up to go to church yesterday morning and the house was 64 degrees. Not cold to some, but definitely cold to us. I've got a hold on the thermistat so it never should have gotten that cold in the first place....of course on one of the coldest days we could have -29 with the windchill our furnance decides to go out.

It was a day of unfortunate events. I couldn't get ahold of our landlord (she got back to us this morning and the repair guy is on his way to the house) and of course the house is getting colder and colder. Kolin took the older 3 to church and I stayed home with Karis hoping for a return call that didn't happen. We were invited over for lunch at a friend's parents house and really enjoyed ourselves. Came home for a little while, the little ones were able to take a nap since they each have small space heaters in their rooms and then took them bowling with us.

We ended up at a hotel for the night. The kids love going to any and all hotels so they thought it was a huge treat, especially on a school night. Kolin left one more message for our landlord, tried calling a couple of repairs shops with no answer and we were off to bed.

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