Monday, February 11, 2008

And when you think it can't get any worse...

We all crashed for the night. The kids were exhausted from a long and crazy day so all 4 went down pretty easy. 11:42 I wake up to Kolin telling me that Karis was puking....definitely not something I wanted to hear with the day we'd already had.

After puking all over the bed, Kolin threw her into the tub and I ran downstairs for new bedding and a bag to throw the icky bedding in. Realized when I got back up to the room that they gave me the wrong size bedding and made by way back downstairs while listening to my little girl scream at her daddy: I DONE! I DONE!

Got the bed made back up and Karis in clean jammies. Ever 45-90 minutes for the rest of the night we was up puking again. I hope to the high Heavens that no one else catches this. She ended up sleeping in a bit, woke up and puked again. Now 2 hours later she's not hungry, but thirsty and NOT puking.

Wish us luck that were back home today with a warm house and no more sick little ones.

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