Monday, December 24, 2007

A Herdman like Christmas Program

We had to be at the church an hour early tonight so that the kids could practice a little bit.
We were supposed to have 3 angels in the Christmas program tonight, but Brennan demanded that he be a wise man instead.

The practice hour was complete chaos. It seemed like the kids has no clue what they were really supposed to do and we weren't exactly sure what was going to happen once the service actually started.

Jadyn was the archangel, Taryn was an angel and Brennan of course was in his wise man glory. (I think it had to do with the crown he got to wear and the shiny present he got to hold) The robe was HUGE on him and he could barely walk. During the service he got himself caught a couple of times. He'd try standing up and trip. Then he'd call out "I'm Stuck" "Help Me" I NEED Help" etc. The crown was a bigger than his head and would fall down around his neck. This started a new tyraid of "I'm Stucks" "Someone Help Me" etc.

Least we forget that when the angels were called forward a certain 3 year old wise man decided that he needed to make a devine appearance as well. When told that he needed to sit down he said louder than loud. "NO!"

Jadyn had a scripture reading tonight. She was a little nervous, but did a fabulous job.

Brennan was an absolute HAM! He had everyone smiling and laughing at his cute antics up
front. He was using his present as a harmonica, dancing and just having a great time. He was truly joyful.

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