Monday, August 23, 2010

Middle School Back To School Night!

Tonight was back to school night for Jadyn...even though school doesn't officially start until Wednesday. She was supposed to meet in her 8th hour class, get her locker assignment with combo, drop off her supplies in her locker and figure out where all her classes are going to be.

However, we get to the school and she was to meet in her 1st hour class, no locker assignments were given out due to possible schedule changes, but we were able to still drop her supplies off since know her 1st hour teacher. Jadyn's 1st hour teacher is the husband of her Kindergarten teacher. =)

This year should prove interesting as one of Jadyn's best friends is in all of her classes and the other is in 3-4. I'm really hoping the girls don't get into too much trouble.

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