Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday Sleepover!

In lieu of a birthday party Jadyn & Taryn asked if they could have a sleepover with some of their friends. Of course we agreed and 4 more girls joined in for some fun! They pretty much swam most of the day, then it was movies and popcorn and whatever else they picked.

They all decided to sleep downstairs in the basement. This included Brennan and Karis as well. I'm so happy that the older kids don't have a problem with them hanging out as well. Someone decided to start talking about how DARK it was and any and all noises turned into the fact that it had to be a GHOST. It took us a while, but Kolin and I were able to get everyone settled down. It doesn't seem to matter what time they all actually fall asleep though.....they all still wake up at the crack of dawn...ready for the next adventure.

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