Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice Burg Ahead!!!!!!!!

One should always be paying attention when backing out of the driveway. Even if they've done it numerous time. If one thing grabs your attention at the wrong time you could be like me and end up running over an ice burg on the side of your driveway and getting yourself stuck!

After trying to dig oneself end up calling your husband who laughs at you wholeheartedly and then tells you to get out the shovels and try to dig yourself out. After explaining that I had already tried that and it's not working he was on his way to the rescue.

After digging and digging and whacking at the darn ice, the neighbor across the street came over to see if I needed some help. With some more digging and pushing of the expedition I was finally free. Called Kolin and he was 2 blocks away from home.

I left to take Karis to school since we were already 30 minutes late. When I came home I came upon a candycane lawn ornament stuck in the ice as a caution cone.
(go ahead and laugh, I know you want too)

This is what I get to see out of my side mirror now. When Kolin got home from work Friday night he swiched out the candycane for 2 orange flags.

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