Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just when I was catching up....

It's been a super long week and I was so thankful it was almost over.

That was until last night when Ryanne wasn't her usual chipper self. She didn't sleep well last night and at 4am we were up and down until I finally decided it was time to get up. Told Kolin I was calling the dr. as soon as they opened.

Call the dr. and made an appt for the wee one to be seen as fast as possible. Karis went off to work with daddy. (Happy little girl and I didn't have to worry about her catching any bugs at the dr's office.)

Even though Ryanne looks awful, her ears, lungs etc all looked and sounded good. The dr. however decided to do a flu swab just to make sure.

30 minutes later I get a phone call saying that a perscription has been sent to walgreens and that Ryanne's got H1N1...or the piggy flu as we call it around here.

By the time Ryanne is through with this she'll be saying "Oink Oink Oink." If that's not enough Karis keeps singing "This little piggy" to her.....

We picked up some meds for Karis as well just to be on the safe side. I haven't got a clue as to how she got it.....but I'm hoping no one else gets it.

One can be hopeful can't they?????

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