Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think I'm going to like this

I think we've finally got this all figured out.

I pick Brennan up from school every day. He could take the bus, but he would get out at the middle school and the buses are crazy up there. Plus, I like knowing who has him. When I pick Brennan up from school we also pick up one of his friends and bring him home with us Mon-Thurs. We're home for about 10 minutes before his mom arrives to pick him up. On Friday's the friends mom is going to pick up both boys from school and they'll have a playdate. I am going to love this! I will be able to put the little girls down for an early nap on Fridays and not have to wake them up to leave to pick up the boys. YES! This is always a great thing in my book.

Taryn takes the bus from her school to the middle school after school each day. She then meets Jadyn and they both walk home together. Though I did tell them due to rain that if it was raining don't wait for the other and just come straight home. This gives the girls a little extra independence and let's them know that we trust them enough to wait for the other, cross at the cross walk and come straight home. (You'd all be proud of me, I only waited outside the door for them the first couple of days) It does help that we are less than half a block from the middle school. =)

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