Thursday, June 25, 2009

She wants what?

Tonight on the way home from cheer practice I asked Jadyn what she would like for her birthday. I was thinking ds games, books, the new Jonas Brothers cd.

Not my girl, she wants a puppy! She told me that she'll take the puppy on walks, feed, water, brush it. She'll buy the puppy chew toys with her own money.

She even told me that taking the puppy out for a potty break would be SUPER EASY because there is a fire hydrant *giggle* right close to the front yard.


paparon said...

That's what she says NOW!!!!

paparon said...

That's what she says NOW!!!

Rinner said...

Aww, get the girl a puppy! ;)

I was just *dreaming* about a miniature blue merle australian shepherd yesterday. That said, we need another animal here like I need another hole in my head. lol